different for everyone

I never realized how different MS can be for people. I was only diagnosed recently but am now realizing how it affects people in different ways. Today I took a day off work and visited my local MS centre. I met 2 people, one was diagnosed 15 years ago and still gets around ok and still works. The other person was similar age to me (mid forties), was diagnosed at the beginning of this year, has given up work and the poor lady is in a wheelchair. These people essentially have the same disease, MS, but their lives are very different.

i guess it is all down to which part of the miles of neurons we have, that this delightful disease chooses to attack and demyelinate!

i continue to tell myself this constantly, as this illness was nothing short of brutal to my poor mother.

Hi Pops - yes its pretty amazing how MS can effect people in such different ways!

It also has such a variety of symptoms that you never know what it’s going to do to you next!

Hope you enjoyed your day off?

Sue xx

I did enjoy the day Sue thank you. I am so grateful to have a MS therapy centre within 15 minutes drive of my house. The chance to relax, have therapies, massage, meet people who understand your condition is wonderful.