This is the first time i have written on here but i have read many threads. i have had a number of symptoms which have led to being sent for 2 mri scans. I have then been refurred to a neurologist. i am still waiting for an appointment. i know that a number of legions have been seen on the mri. Can ms be diagnosed after mri`s only or do other tests also need to be done?

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It’s possible to diagnose MS from just MRI and a clinical exam, but a lot of neurologists also send patients for a lumbar puncture and/or evoked potentials. This helps to make sure of the diagnosis.

Btw, the word is “lesions” and not “legions”; there are multiple causes of these including migraine and vitamin deficiencies so do try and keep an open mind for now - it may be something relatively easy to treat (with any luck!).

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Thank you Karen.

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