Diagnosis with a baby

Hello. I am very new to this page, I got a diagnosis today that from my symptoms and my MRI results it’s very likely to be MS. I have a daughter who is turning 1 in a couple weeks and I feel devastated. I feel like my head is all over the place. How did you guys cope with the diagnosis and treatment especially with children?

MS affects each and everyone of us in different ways and levels of intensity. While MS is incurable, some types of MS develop extremely slowly and respond well to a treatment plan. It’s possible to have a more or less normal life for a normal lifespan. And then there are rarer, more aggressive forms of MS for which there is no real treatment. It also depends what parts of your body are affected - some are able to work, others are not.

Likie all of us at one time or another, you’re doing your nut right now because of the not-knowing. Easily said, but try to keep calm and deal with the prognosis as it unfolds.


Welcome, to a place where you can express how you feel and get the support that you need.


Hi Keep positive,

When I was diagnosed my kids were already adults. Yet it was still a huge shock to me.

One year on and I’m still coming to terms with it.
Please try not to magnify things.
One day at a time.
It’s healthy to affirm your emotions and express them.

I’m thinking of you and your family.

Crystal :sunflower:


Really nice way of phrasing things there Crystal.

Kids live for the moment, in their own little bubble for most of the time. I decided not to tell my kids, even as my mobility was declining. I got as far as deciding to use a stick before saying to myself “I need to tell the kids”. They hadn’t even noticed! As long as they know they are loved by you, the rest just passes over them.

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Keep reminding yourself that you’re no different today than you were yesterday. Having a name for all the weird things that have been happening to you doesn’t change anything. Don’t let it take over! Just keep living your life. Of course you’ll want to learn more and find the right drugs, but don’t focus on the possible negatives that might occur later on.

My diagnosis came very late in life, but my kids grew up knowing that something was wrong me, and they were fine with that. To echo GCCK, kids don’t sweat the small stuff, and they’ll adapt as they go on to whatever you do. You’ll just be mum, and your life with them will be their normal.


Thank you for your kind reply.
Have a good day.

Thank you to everyone who replied to me. It has brought me comfort that there is people going through similar.

I’m getting some tablets today to help with my symptoms and will take it from there.

My thoughts are with you all! Sending good thoughts :sunny: