Diagnosis Syrinx, POTS, EDS and still possible MS

I used to come on here a couple of years back. I wanted to come back and update incase what has happened to me can help anybody else. I was convinced that I had a clear cut case of relapsing remitting MS. I had fatigue, dizzyness/lightheadedness, loss of balance, weak legs, double vision and various aches and pains amongst many other symptoms. I had one clear MRI followed by a relapse where a lesion appeared. In following MRIs the lesion would sometimes be there sometimes not. It was discovered that I have a syrinx in my thoracic spine which may or may not be causing some of my symptoms.

Last summer I was really unwell. I felt dizzy if I tried to move or do anything much at all, ended up pretty much housebound. I started to take my blood pressure thinking a part of it might be from low blood pressure but what I discovered was that my heart rate rises significantly on standing. I was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). This causes fatigue and dizzyness with orthostatic intolerance as well as other things. It is so easy to check for if your heart rate rises by 30 or more beats per minute from lying to standing then you have pots.

I then realised that there was a strong possibility that I was hypermobile which has led to probable diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I should add that I would never have considered myself as hypermobile but saw some pictures and realised that I classed as hypermobile. Look up the Beighton score. Unfortunately for me it still does not explain all my symptoms and I am still waiting for some results for MS but wanted to write this so others are aware of these other conditions and that these could be possibilities. These are also not illnesses my neuro had checked for but could be thought to be MS. If anyone wants anymore information please feel free to contact me.