diagnosis lead up

Hi i’m just wondering if anyone experienced normal testing prior to their actual diagnosis?, did anyone have normal MRI tests etc etc …

Do you mean normal as in the test come back negative?

yes sorry!

No worries but sadly cant say that I have my first time ever going through a MRI came back with results that scared the hell out of me when they showed me.

Not me. I had my MRI after an episode of Optic Neuritis - often a symptom of MS. Have some of your symptoms been indicative of MS?

yes i am just in limbo still i’m on year 6 now of investigations, 5 normal MRI scans two including the spine too and a lumbar puncture everything normal however i’ve got worse each year, optic neuritis twice first one in 2019 that only just showed up on my last scan in October so technically i’ve just had my first abnormal mri scan. i’ve been in hospital three times on long stays being extremely unwell with not being able to feel legs etc i have trigeminal neuralgia, twitches, dizziness, throat problems sometimes, the list is endless but i feel i’m only just at the start after 6 years now something has shown up i hope it’s not another 6 years of waiting nightmare

In 2019 I had migraines. They sent me for an MRI. It was completely normal and demonstrated nothing worried and no lesions. Nobody has talked MS back then. First lesion was observed after optic neuritis in 2020.

ah it can happen then it’s horrible not knowing i hope your doing ok, do you have more lesions now or did it just start with an optic nerve lesion? x

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No. For better and for worse, my first MRI scan showed just what the neurologist had predicted it would from clinical exam and history. Ditto subsequent ones.

I am sorry that you are having such a tough time finding out what is the cause of your symptoms.

I do. 1 lesion in the brain, 3 lessions in the spine. During my second relapse, both my hands went numb in 2022. They are now back to normal. I got the RRMS diagnosis in September last year, ironically a couple of days after getting married… I am on plegridy now.

My first MRI was an open upright low powered one and the radiologist noticed white matter in my brain. They thought it was normal age related degeneration.
I thought it was all good. Then X2 LP and higher powered MRI confirmed the opposite.