Diagnosis during a pandemic questions

Hi, I’m new here!

Is anyone else here newly diagnosed? How long did it take to get diagnosed and speak to a consultant and start a DMT?

I had my first relapse in Oct 2020, MRI in Nov 2020, two relapses in between then and my lumbar puncture in July 2021. I got my diagnosis in August 2021 (brought forward because I had a relapse). I’ve been waiting since then to speak to my ms consultant. I’ve met my ms nurse once (in November I think). I’m finally having a phone call with the consultant next week but I feel like I’m getting my hopes up that this will be it, like this will be the phone call that starts the ball rolling as I feel it hasn’t yet. Or will this be another initial chit chat and then will I be waiting again for a DMT? I just feel like there’s no urgency and I’m getting worried that I’ll have another relapse before I get a DMT sorted. I feel like I’ve been forgotten really. Also, am I able to ask for another MRI or should I be offered one? How often are they done usually? Has anyone else been diagnosed last year and is it taking just as long for you? I follow shift dot ms on Instagram and people’s diagnosis stories seem to be a lot quicker between diagnosis and DMT.

Many thanks for reading if you got to here…

I got there :joy::joy:

I also had a relapse in Oct 2020. Doctors referred me to a neurologist and I had that appointment in July 2021. They referred me for an MRI, which I had in November 2021. I was told probable RRMS on December the 30th. Saw another neurologist mid January who wants a LP and contrast MRI. My LP is booked for January 22nd, but nothing further as yet.

I was also wondering how long this is going to take :woman_shrugging: