Diagnosed with MS

Hi everyone,

So I am new, not sure what to say that has not already been said by others but I will have a bash at it.

First, I am 25, married, no kids and have an unhealthy obsession with sci-fi (read, geek)

I was diagnosed in May this year after symptoms of double vision and then numbness that travelled from my right foot, up my right side, down the arm and then flipped to the left. This relapse is still happening and brings with it weakness and pain in my right leg and arm. I also get cramps quite a lot, hence writing this at 12:30 at night! Often I will walk with a cane, in and out of the house.

My MRI results showed multiple lesions, never had a scan of my spine.

As for the ‘common’ symptoms, I have just started to get the MS hug, balance issues and griping issues (we have had to buy a lot of new wine glasses). As for fatigue, I think I suffer from this but to be honest I cannot remember a time when I didn’t feel like someone had dragged me through a hedge backwards so think I have had MS a lot longer than I even realised and got used to feeling like this.

Sorry if I have droned on a little but it is good just to type this out as it has been stuck in my head rattling around for a while

hi johnathon

i’ve had ms for 5 years now so yes the symptoms are strange and unpredictable.

when i was first diagnosed i used to say “its life jim but not as we know it”

as a sci fi geek you might like that

carole x

Hi Johnathon

Welcome to this less than exclusive club

I’ve been officially diagnosed for 4 years but had first symptoms almost 5 years ago. MS still manages to surprise me with weird (but not wonderful) things.

We do our best to support each other so if you have any questions, just fire away and we’ll try to answer them. I always think the only people who really understand the strange symptoms are the ones who have experienced them too.

I do have a little tip regarding the wine glasses - just drink it out of the bottle

Tracey x

Hi and welcome

Also diagnosed earlier this year, with the slightly more rarified ‘likely ppms’.

This means I did only watch the latest Star Trek film about 3 weeks ago, me and a work colleague were going to get to the cinema for it and my Dx messed that up, so we re-arranged when it started on pay per view TV :wink:

I’m not a total geek about sci-fi but I am with music (die hard Nine Inch Nails fan!) so there’s nothing wrong with geeks :smiley:

Good luck, it certainly means life isn’t quite what we once expected :wink:

Sonia x

Welcome This forum has been my lifeline since diagnosis. Advice at weekends when can’t talk to the specialists and just general every day advice and support. I’m 30. Married with a baby. RRMS - fairly newly diagnosed. have no clue about sci fi… Don’t know my Star Trek from Star Wars but I’m sure others here share your passion. Love Lilly xxx

Hi I’m in limbo at the moment but had to say hello to a sci fi geek. I am a total geek love sci fi. A

Hi This is all new for me to. Only offically diagnoised in july after a few years of being unwell have had a few strange things happen worst being the total numbness of both my feet at the same time. i am at the moment off work with a relapse. Works occupationl health doctor seems to think i will be fit for work in the new year. Wish i had his crystal ball.x

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome, it is great to have a place to talk to others about the weirdness of this bloody MS!

Hi Conniet,

I am off work at the moment as well, stiffness and numbness on my right side. Went out yesterday to try and strech my legs, also needed bread for lunch, walked about 50 meters to the shop and was knackered, yet the day previous I felt much better and got some decorating done so you can never tell when it is really going to get better. Hope you get better sooner rather than later :slight_smile:

If not, just hit him with his crystal ball :wink:

Hi Johnathan, Geeks unite! Lol I’m an undiagnosed LRPer, steampunk/sci-fi/fantasy geek too who has started teaching her 5 yr old basic tabletop RP. So much fun! Out of curiosity, how long did your diagnosis take? I’m seeing a neurologist for the first time very soon. My GP suspects ME/CFS but I have other, more ms like symptoms too. I can relate to the fluctuating energy situation. May you find all tbe support and friendship you need here. (P.S. Crystal Balls are +1 in combat :wink:

Hi Reikiblossom, good to see a few more geeks on here :wink:

As for my diagnosis, I got married last year in June, Got back from honeymoon at the start of July and then about a month later I woke up with double vision. As a usual man, I thought nothing of it and thought it would fix itself within a few days. A few weeks later I went to a opticians, they referred me to a optical specialist who then referred me to a Neuro specialist.

From there I was given an appointment for an MRI, December 2012. Then I was given a meeting to explain there was demilanation. Then I got an appointment to get a visual evoke test (I think that is what it was called). I was then given an appointment in May this year to discuss the results. The results where normal, well within normal ranges. I advised my Neuro that I had numbness and how it was moving around my body. From this information he confirmed it was MS. All in all it took about 7 months from meeting first with Neuro and then diagnosis. It took about 3 months to get my MS nurse and started on medication.

While I hope you don’t have MS, I must admit getting the diagnosis was a massive relief. It was a little of the self diagnosis I had given myself being proven right and in part it was just knowing there was a reason and now it was time to get started fixing it. Hopefully you find out either way and can start getting your head on straight, I remember not knowing how to feel right up until the diagnosis so I can empathise with you there!

Not yet diagnosed here but wanted to say Welcome! I love watching a bit of Star Trek and enjoy the odd Final Fantasy or two.

I’m happy you’ve found out what’s wrong, but also sorry it’s MS. But positivity is the best thing in life and thankfully it could be a lot worse!

Hope you find the site useful- the forum has been amazing help for me whilst being in limboland!

Take care, Tsuki x