Device to use when choking

I saw this advertised in MS Matters. It’s a device that can be used at home for when someone is choking. Looks straightforward & costs just over £50.

There’s a video on the site to show you how to use it.

Well worth getting if you tend to choke when swallowing. It does say you can use it on yourself, but personally I doubt that as you would also be in a panic… but an excellent device for care givers.

Pat xx

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Shall look out for this Pat. l often tend to choke - have done for many years. And it does concern me as l know it will get worse in time. My neighbours brother - who had MS for many years like me. He did choke to death - not a nice thought.

Not a nice thought at all.

I have trouble swallowing for weeks or months at a time then it’s ok for a while. Food gets into my throat and everything stops. Horrid and scary although I’ve learnt some coping skills over the years.

That device does look great but honestly I couldn’t imagine having the presence of mind to use it on myself. Perhaps with practice?

Pat xx