Depression or just fatigued?

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Perhaps a good idea to discuss this with your GP.

I am on medication for depression, however I must say that I’ve not been diagnosed with MS.

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I would discuss this with your GP, however I pretty much suffer with what you have, my fatigue is awful, makes me irritable and yes fed up, because I can’t do what I once could, but I know I’m not depressed, so yes get help, who knows.

Jean x

probably a combination of both - fatigue is a feature of m.s. and having m.s. can make us depressed.

Try to organise your day so that you are able to rest periodically - experiment with moderate exercise - you may find it helps with the fatigue.

With a dx of m.s. it would be unusual if you weren’t depressed - monitor your depression -

if it stops you doing what you normally do or is severe and long lasting then you need medical help.

I’ve found the one thing I can’t do when depressed is sort of shake myself out of it - I accept it (grudgingly) - usually feel sorry for myself - then get going again -

Fatigue can come with depression so possibly both.

I had depression too. Because of the quarantine, I was disappointed in everything. I couldn’t meet friends, go to the gym and go to work. On {removed by moderator} I read that you need to find a new hobby. I started drawing and it really helped me a little bit. I also ordered anti-depressant herbs on this site. In a few weeks I felt much better. I found a new job online that really gives me pleasure