deployment trial meeting

Hi everyone, I went to the meeting with HR and the sister in charge. We went through the letter that I wrote about what i heard and how I felt. As soon as we got to the part about her saying at the last meeting that she was concerned about my walking speed and how I walked, i reiterated the fact that it was due to my MS and nothing else. At this point, i began to cry. I think it’s because hearing from other people about how they view me sends my confidence into a nosedive. It’s still, very much, a raw subject as I was only diagnosed in April and still trying to get my head round it, without others’ judging me. I’ve gone from relative fitness to stumbling around with heavy, painful legs in just over a year. I was also told that I didn’t communicate with the staff, which i had to explain that i find being around new people difficult. I stay very quiet, not out of rudeness but because i have a 'mental block ’ and find it very difficult to talk. I did say though, that once I got to know people, i am, in fact ‘as mad as a hatter’. Plus, it’s not easy to be vocal when the atmosphere aimed at you is equivalent to that of a rat in a restaurant!. Anyhow, I’ve decided not to go back there and see whether something else turns up. Xx

Hi, sorry it didnt go well for you and hope you find alternative employment somewhere better hun.

luv Pollx

Hi Vinnygirl,

I am sorry for you having a “BAD” meeting and feeling the only way out was to resign.

I know from personal experience, it is hard to keep calm when people are talking about you, as if you were not there.

I think, with what you have decided, you need to step back if you can, try and relax, have a chat with your family. Then depending on what you think afterwards. Have a conversation with your union rep, to see if an offer of employment is still available for you from the NHS, in another role maybe. Everyone at that meeting would understand the stressful position you were in andwhy feelings were running so high.

If I am barking up the wrong tree, please forgive me, its just better for you to be in work, financially and to get your mind off thinking about your MS situation.

Again, I hope I have not upset you and I wish you all the best. Andy

No Andy, you’ve not upset me at all. I’m being placed back on the redeployment list, so, hopefully, another role , more suited will become available. If not, then I’ll be in negotiations with my union rep if the trust decides to go down the ill health retirement route. :-\

Hi vinnygirl, what is on trial here your ability to do a job or your personality? I would love to have more friends but find it hard to make conversation, particularly if I am out side of my comfort zone. Hey, hang on in there hopefully something will come up and you will feel supported in that. Take care of yourself Lou x

Lou, you’ve taken the words right out of my mouth (pardon the pun)!! :wink: That is exactly how I am around unfamiliar people. It’s not me being rude…it’s just ‘me’… xx