Demonic possession

Now admit it - you only looked on here because of the weird title. But I will explain. This is my theory of the causes of MS - I’ve been looking at some comments on the forums for causes and thought I would put in my tuppance worth.

Its all demonic possession but with a difference. In years gone by demons were allowed to inhabit the entire body but the Healthy and Safety departments (of course H&S have an office in hell - where do you think it all started ) have decreed that control of an entire human body can cause undo stress to a demon and therefore they are only allowed to inhabit parts of the body.

Thats my explaination for the way my legs work - something is controlling them but I’m damn sure it ain’t me. I’m not sure where they are going most of the time - I can trip on a flat surface and measure the length of myself on a busy street on a saturday. Its especially when something hits my shin painfully and I cant move my leg out the way fast enough (or at all) and it gets hit again - in the same spot!! Ouch

Ok - silly 5 minutes over, I hope I got at least one smile - I’m back to work.

Well, it got a smile from me!


That’s more credible to me than some recent theories - not mentioning any names. :wink:



And a smile from me too x

Yup! You got it right!

And your title did intrigue me.

Back to work…? What do you do. i`m intrigued and nosey too.

luv Pollx

Hehehe Jellbellykelly.

I’m with you on that one Tina!!!

Shazzie xx

Thanks !

I’m a Lighting Applications Engineer and I’m in work cause I get more done on a sunday in a nice quiet office than during the week and to be honest, if I lie about all day and do nothing my legs would be very rebellious tomorrow and feel very tired. By getting up and coming into work - even for a few hours - then I know my legs will work better tomorrow. Resting too much makes me tired - my family did always tell me I was contrary.

My job description in my words is - if something needs to be done and no-body else wants to do it ot take responsibility for it, then it comes to me. What can I say - it takes a woman to get the job done properly hehehe (sorry guys - couldn’t help myself - my fingers must be possessed as well)

Lighting Applications Engineer? Mmm, very impressive title…especially for a lady!

Glad you`ve found a way to ease those pesky leg problems.

Have a nice day hun!

luv Pollx

Aha! That explains why my left leg decided to kick my right one today. I like the way you think …

I was intrigued by the title - at first I thought “oh no, here’s another crackpot theory” lol. Thanks for the smile

Tracey x

Yep, you could be right, I managed to hit my shoulder on a shelving unit trying to dry off after a shower and leg gave in, ten mins later I was demonstrating to husband that I can now stand on one leg at a time (if I’m holding on to something for support) yet reclining on bed now they are both twitching like mad, it certainly doesn’t feel like they belong to me anymore, I think you could be right :wink:

Sonia x


Yeah I admit it I did only look because of the title!! But you are right there is no way MY body would do this to ME!!!

My theory is that maybe someone somewhere has got a voodoo doll of me…

Cheers for the laugh