Deluding ourselves and others?

I understand where your coming from. I lost so much to MS my job i loved, my friends who slowly disappeared from my life, my mobility, my dignity, had to deal with the loss of my mother through nhs neglect my husband, my house, now living in a flat the size of my sitting room in my house.

Am I angry? Yes i was at the beginning, but that ship has passed now. I can only be angry for so long before MS fatiuge robs me of the energy to do so. So yes thats another thing i should be angry with i suppose.

But i know MS, if i have it, and it has caused this havoc in my life, i know it will be causing havoc in other peoples lives, and i am not stupid everyone of us has own our stories.

BUT humans are weird creatures. To survive we have to have hope.

We have to have positivity.

We have to have love.

For without out what do we have, just MS.

I hate MS yes it has robbed me broke into my system and destroyed my life, but if i dont have anything to look forward too then what is the point of me going on.

I feel for all of you who rage in the night. It doesnt mean i dont care, i KNOW.

I have been there.


I am having problems too. I have lost too much to MS. Sharing my sadness at loss is so much easier with people who understand. I felt so ill when I had to stop doing what Iove that I didnt care, but now I do. I must find an alternative passion. It’s difficult but I keep hoping.

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