Decided against taking DMD'S.......thoughts?

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Hi again Beccy - reading all the posts you have thought long and hard about your decision. I do worry about you though. I take a very simple view of the facts and evidence. Ms is a chronic PROGRESSIVE disease DMDs have been shown to slow PROGRESSION. I therefore find it hard to understand why anyone with ms would decide not to take DMDs. Without DMDs you’re not going to slow the progression. Is it because you don’t want to inject? Like you next time I see my gp I’m going to ask for LDN. Really want to try to improve my fatigue bowels and bladder. Take care Hugs Min xx

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Dmd’S arent for everyone and it does have to be a personal choice. I am not saying I will never take copaxone. If i relapse badly within the next 6-12 months then yes i probably will jump on the band wagon. however at this moment in time i will not be taking it. I have heard pretty good things about LDN. People have been taking it for 15 years and had no progression they actually feel better than they did before.

Please dont worry about me, it is my decision to not take them yet. The fact my neurologist is happy for me to wait makes me much happier. He is a specialist in MS and he said if he thought i really needed to be on them right now he would tell me. I will be listening to him for the most part!

Thanks for your concern.

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Completely with you on this. (I even wonder if we have the same neuro, but I don’t think you live anywhere near me).

This is really between you and your neuro, and at the moment, you are NOT doing anything that flies directly in the face of what he’s telling you.

You and he have AGREED that this is the approach you will take, and yes, that is reassuring, and also that you know he will tell you if he feels it’s no longer appropriate.

Contrary to how it sometimes appears here, my neuro told me about half of eligible patients decline.

Whether he means just half of his patients, or half of patients nationally, I don’t know. But it’s important to know you are NOT in a minority of one.



Thanks Tina thats very reassuring.

Some peoples responses have been quite shocking. Not rude shocking i mean its unfortunate that their MS really progressed quickly. So its good to know i am not the only one. infact i know a man that has had MS for 8 years and changed his diet/exercise/supplements and has not relapsed in 6 years. Everyone is different.

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Respect Becky - your choice Hugs Minxx