Debbie Purdie

hello, I thought this post regards the “brave” Debbie Purdie would be, like her, dead and buried, but no, lets be honest here, she was not brave but selfish, WE are brave, WE carry on life regardless, we don’t moan about how or when we want to die, we don’t want the law to excuse our helper into death,we should accept what life throws at us, the span of years we have i is part of life, of living, otherwise where does it stop, when we say so, when society says so, when we reach a certain age. People will shout me down, so what, I speak my mind, life is preordained, just accept it, Brian

Brian let’s not start this again please.

Everyone is entitled their own opinion. It’s a very sensitive subject & upsets people.

Let’s leave it alone now eh? I think everyone on here has enough to deal with, including you. Leave it be.

Pat xx