D3 & B12


I’m having another go with vitamins D3 and B12, but am still having problems. The D3 is making my joints very stiff and causes circulation probs, and the B12 just makes me feel really ill, even low doses.

Anyone else get this?


My neuro said B12 was a waste of time, it did nothing specificly for ms. I’m curious why you think vitamins are causing your problems though, because I can’t say I notice any difference at all when I take them. As far as I know D3 will have no direct effect on your circulation or joints, your ms might but not the vitamin supplement.

What dosage are you taking?

I take 5000iu D3 daily.

I was taking 1000 IU D3 for about 3 weeks then upped it to 2000 IU on Friday, but I was noticing increased spasticity and headaches in the morning. I’ve tried to take B12 twice recently, the last time with only a quarter of a really low dose tablet, but both times I felt ill, like I was going to faint. I’ve concluded that my body doesn’t like these sort of supplements and that I need to get these vitamins naturally.

Hello Heather,

I haven’t noticed any side effect from taking Vit D3. I certainly have more energy though. Why not pop by and visit your GP to have a blood test, for him to assertain if you are low on anything.

Best wishes,


vitamin d in high dose makes me quite ill,i found i can tolerate 2,000iu a day,but if i go higher they make me feel really irritable and edgy.