Its all clear to me now:

Go on a course to learn how to write a CV,

attend a monthly interview,

do some voluntary work,

make myself available for work at the drop of a hat,

I will be able to:

sack the Care Agency,

throw away any walking aides,

push aside the wheelchair,

stop taking all my med’s

Come on, you know its clear to you now?


Thank you to all of those kind and considerate members of government, and of Atos whom of course i owe my rosie future too!!

Hi, a great post.

Afterall seeing as well have to re apply for esa every year, there must be an incling that says well all have vastly improved health or be cured.

Cant wait to get these wobbly, blotchy legs going after 9 years of being sat in a wheelie.

Aren`t we lucky!

luv Pollx

maybe change the title?

Hi i’m so sorry to affended anyone (annonymous) i assure you this is certainly not intended i am being sarcastic and sticking my fingers up to the rediculous new benefits system that i have found myself in and do hope that the humour is recognised x

Hi Moonshadow, yes, they do appear to be able to be able to work miracles!

Think I’m going to try for the support group this year as I’m far too busy enjoying my lavish income to work…

Mags xx

Theres me thinking you were talking about a piece of ham !! lol

Hmmm can`t say as Im looking forward to my medical next week

Why can they not listen to you

Yes I can walk with aids believe me when I tell you without them I will fall

Yes I can sit on the floor but I really cant get up

Junp through the hoop I do find that a tad difficult I confess

Yes this really is a list of my meds

And really trust me I don`t mean to cry I know that has no bearing on the decsion

Sigh…all this so I can lounge about all day in my trackies watching Jeremy Kyle on my 60" plasma tv in my lavishly furnished council house not NOT…Im atchally debating whether to put the heating on calculating how much I have left on my gas card do people really think its easy to survive on benefits I think it should be mandatory that all Ministers should have to experience life through our eyes and live as we do mainly struggling day to day, humiliating ourselves by having to take benefits I never planned a life like this …Did you…Sorry for the rant Im just dreading the medical and please don`t take offense at anything I have written this seems a safe place to have a blow out.

Dont fret kid, you`ve not been offensive.

Hope the medical goes your way. Is it for the beloved ESA?

luv Pollx