Ct brain scan ???


I have rrms. I have mri’s for many. I was due to have one in October, and unfortunately i had to cancel, as i have been so anxious and been really quite ill with anxiety about going in the mri. I have been having alot of headaches, so i saw another neurologist as was told it was nothing to do with ms. The neurologist has ordered a ct scan of the brain, to see if anything is going on, the reason a ct scan, as he was aware of my fear of mri. Has anyone had a ct scan of the brain before ? As i have never had one, i have always had mri. Are brain ct dangerous, does anyone know. I have been getting a load of headaches, dizzeness etc. Any advice please ?

Ive had a few CT scans over the years ( not for MS reasons). They are a bit like MRI scans but with one important difference - it’s a shorter and much bigger hole/tunnel that you go into.

I dont like MRI scans but with CT i dont get any feelings of claustrophobia, of being trapped in a small space and and there is none of the loud whirring, clunking and banging noises

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CT scans are much better if you can use the phrase . The machine I went in was smaller, quiet and took minutes :blush:

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