Crying at silly things

I have had emotional lability since I was diagnosed about 7 years ago, I am now on 150 mg of lustral( 150mg started as crying in taxi because it was late!). I work 30 hrs per week as a team leader in the nhs,I am finding it v. difficult to carry out my role although adjustments have being made by my employer. I find it v.difficult to deal with conflict,differing opinions or standing my ground without becoming emotional. Ican no longer drive or do clinical work but I do want to still work as I am 43 and need to work for me. My 2 and half year old has being in and out of hospital since ny and diagnosed with epilepsy. I returned to work end of March but am off again with anxiety and bladder problems…I dont know where I am going with this other that I am tired keeping my chin up, know that my self esteem has taken a battering and now want to reduce my hrs to 20 and would be beneficial for everyone, me included to carry out a different role, e.g service improvement for AHPs. Basically I want to know have my employers any obligation to me? or do i call it a day

i would ask your employer if it would be possible to reduce your hours and carry out a different role. if they refuse you could then seek advice. good luck x

Talk to the RCN, they are brilliant!

No wonder you keep crying! You are exhausted. Definitely see about having your hours reduced and think about other ways you could reduce stress in your life (although I know that’s a tall order especially with a ‘terrible two’s’ in the house). You are dealing with problems that would make the healthiest person tired and stressed but you are also dealing with MS symptoms.

Here is a link to your employment rights. Look at ‘reasonable adjustments in the working place’.

Speak to whoever it is at work (RCN as mentioned above?) who can help to change things to less hours and less stress.

Good luck & hope things improve for you quickly,

Pat x