Critical illness definition of MS

Hi, I decided to go ahead with my claim for critical illness (see an earlier post). I have an Aviva policy and the definition of MS is neurological physical or sensory impairment for a continuous period of at least 6 months. I have RRMS so no relapse has been longer than 6 months but at the same time I do have ongoing residual problems from my MS, including bladder weakness, tinnitus, dizziness, slurred speech, numb feet, fatigue etc. These fluctuate on a weekly / daily basis even during periods of remission so never go away. Do you think I’ll meet the definition? Does anyone have any experience of this? I’ve had MS for 10 years and have had 3 or 4 relapses since diagnosis. I have only just realised my insurance cover includes critical illness for MS. I phoned the insurance company to make a claim and they didn’t seem bothered about the time frame, but I’m worried about whether or not I’ll meet the definition of MS. Any thoughts?

i claimed for critical illness and the man i spoke to said yes ms is covered, although he went on to tell me that his mum has ms. my friend who was a legal whizz kid, told me that ms automatically qualifies as a disability. that probably won’t mean anything now. try for it jules, nothing ventured nothing gained. hope you gain!!