Covid 19 refusal to allow access to Intensive Care

My husband was diagnosed with MS in 2014. He has rapidly declined every year and now he only has the use of his right arm/hand which is also becoming very weak. On 15/01/23 he was admitted to Hospital in Greenock, Scotland with a urine infection but went on to develop septic shock and organ failure which he survived. He was ready to be discharged about 2.5 weeks later but as he’d been in hospital for over 72hrs he lost his care package. He remained in hospital for a further 2.5 weeks before we were offered a place in a local nursing Care Home while he awaited the return of his care package. He is 59yrs old and we have two children 13yrs and 17yrs. He then went into the care home which was much better than the hospital however he tested positive for Covid 4 days ago. His oxygen levels were low and so he was conveyed to our local community Hospital by ambulance. The A and E Dr wanted to transfer him to the Greenock Hospital as it had more specialist Dr’s and equipment including ICU and HDU. My husband really did not want to go to this Hospital again and refused. The following day the Dr again tried to talk him into transferring as his oxygen levels were not increasing. My husband discussed it with me and I suggested that he accept the transfer which he reluctantly did. The Dr then contacted the Registrar at Greenock to arrange the transfer and we were horrified to learn that he would not be given any additional treatment there because he has MS…he would not be admitted to the ICU because he has MS!!!So basically he would not be offered the same health support as a more healthy person because he has MS!!! Surely that goes against his human rights!!! Has anyone else experienced this??? The Dr at the local Community Hospital as told him he will do everything he can for him but I find this situation shocking. Open to any advice/help???

Good grief…the first thing that shocked me was your hubby losing his care package after just 72 hours…this is disgraceful!

And yes, I also the refusal re ICU is just unacceptable.

Take it higher, please. Complain to whoever…adult hospital care/community care authorities.