Copaxone and Lipoatrophy

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with MS spring last year following double vision beginning of last year, I since experienced weakness in on of my legs. Both have now now resolved, did take about 4 months for my vision to come back to normal and about 5 months for my leg to get better. Since then I have just experienced a few dizzy spells that don’t last long, sometimes 5-10 minutes another time for 1.5hrs. I do find that if I am walking really fast or do a intensive gym session that I become light headed. Prior to my diagnosis my double vision that led to my diagnosis I would get a sudden urge to empty my bladder and when I would go it would only be for a few trickles, which was not like me as I had a good strong bladder in the past, I now believe this must have also been an MS symptom, bladder has got better but nothing like what it was before. That’s my story!

Anyway I started copaxone 40mg (x3 a week) end of December and the first week of injecting I got no major side effects was just a little bruise. Week 2, I started getting a reaction at injection sites which would be gone by the evening. Week 3 and 4 I started to get large white lumps at my injection sites and started noticing denting occurring on my thighs (which I thought I can live with at the time when I saw them), though recently I have noticed lipoatrophy a large chunk missing from under my lower back/side area. I was literally in tears when I noticed it, it made me feel so low and thinking if I carry on with these injections it’s just going to end up affecting my self esteem. I was forever looking at myself in the mirror and it’s a constant reminder that I have this awful disease. I have always looked after my physical appearance and my body in general, I am slim and so to see a chunk missing from my body was devastating.

I tried to get in touch with my MS nurse but she’s on leave to discuss this, I also left a message with my consultants secretary to and discussed this matter saying I wanted to speak to him to discuss other medication options as I don’t feel I can continue with copaxone. I feel really upset that copaxone just hasn’t worked for me, I also dread to inject myself now in case I get anymore disfigurement on my body as it can be very mentally disturbing! I am only 30 and want to start a family soon so that will be something I will have to take into consideration when choosing another medication. I have decided to stop my copaxone as I’m too scared to inject myself if I end up getting more lipoatrophy.

I just can’t believe it’s not even been 5 weeks of taking copaxone and it’s done this to my body. Do you guys think I’m doing the right thing about stopping it? I’m just worried that it will take such a long time to start another medication and hope I don’t relapse in between.

I would appreciate your replies, thanks.


Any comments?