Copaxone and depression?

Hi, I have had MS for quite a while know and recently started Copaxone (September 2012) . I have recently been in and out of severe depression. I won’t take anti depressants as I have been on these before and nearly lost my family due to the false happy bubble I was in. I lost my house a year ago due to being unfit for work, and I (we) owe about £50,000 :confused: haha yes I know … It kind of gets me down a bit but I can block that (if I ain’t got it they can’t have it) , I am trying to get money together (£1000) but its hard. Anyway have any of you out there had severe low mood from Copaxone? Thanks for reading Brett 27yr

Hi Brett. Ive been on Copaxone for nearly 7 years & I cant really blame it for my low moods!!! I can however blame the MS, the fact I too have struggled with a debt, (same as you, unfit for work) & the lack of control over this horrible MS monster!!! You are quite right, antidepressants not the answer!!! How long have you had MS? I am presuming it is RRMS. I am also presuming you are only 27? Think all these combined will explain your low mood & why you are feeling this way. Others might disagree with me, It might indeed affect mood, but I havent experienced this, hope you feel better very soon & this has helped! take care Tracey xx

Hi Brett,

Sorry I cannot help you with the copaxone thing but you need to get the debt thing looked at. A few years ago I had to move house (due to MS) and was placed in a Council Bungalow I could not afford to pay mortgage and rent and had debts of about £15,000, I had to surrender my mortgage which is when I fell into deep depression however we went to CAB and they suggested many different things and after a long think we went down the bankruptcy route and to be honest best thing I ever done. At the time including house debt I owed about £57,000 and only had to pay £20 a month for 3 years even although I work full time.

Honestly get the debt sorted and you will feel much better. If you go down the same route as me you don’t even have to go to court just fill in forms (CAB will do this for you) and supply bank statements and wage slips (if you have any). I have now started to build up my credit rating again and even managed to buy a car on finance just before christmas so there is a way out.

Hope you get everything sorted.

Hi, thank’s to you both. Yes I am 27 and I got diagnosed when I was 21 (just got a mortgage and we had just had our first child) ha timing couldn’t of been better :confused: . Anyway I’ll be fine, I’m just waiting for people to come knocking after money. Thanks again Brett

Oh and yes I did go to CAB :confused: they just said come back when you get a £1000 together basically :confused: money’s tight at the min so maybe one day

Brett, do you have an advice shop type place, they are usually council owned. They will give you advice. It does cost about £150-£200 to declare yourself bankrupt (I know pay money 1st!) but it is worth it. You could go down the debt management plan way that way you pay nothing upfront and the person acting on your behalf (CAB etc.) will get the interest on all debt stopped and come to an arrangement to pay what you can afford to pay each month. These plans last until the debt is cleared but you don’t have any intrest to pay so reduces monthly payments.

You can contact companies through the internet but make sure they do not ask for an upfront payment or monthly fee cause there are free ones out there.

Hope you can get yourself back on an even level and sort everything out x

Hi, thanks for your post but to pay over £50,000 back at £20 a month is just not going to happen haha. We went to CAB and she said st the amount we owe the only real option is bankruptcy @ £500 each! And that was a year or so ago (before I had a breakdown). I’ll be right I’ve got this far! Just helps to talk sometimes, as much as my partner and mum understand … Well kind of lol also my partner is very laid back and I’m on edge as I suffer bad anxiety.