Continence nurse

I’ve asked the ms nurse to refer me to a continence nurse. What might I expect, or will I be fobbed off in the same way that the ms nurses fob me off. Sorry to be so cynical but my experiences with ms nurses and neurologists in the eight years since my dx has been generally pretty negative. However, back to my bladder (and sometimes bowel). I suffer from what I believe is called urge incontinence. Some of the time I just can’t quite get to the loo in time, it’s not helped by the fact I can’t get anywhere in a hurry. I also have a problem with frequency, especially during the morning until I’ve been up two or three hours. Now during the night I’m having to get up between three and six times a night, which does nothing to help the energy levels. An ms nurse did a bladder scan about six years ago and said my bladder wasn’t emptying fully but she didn’t say anything could or should be done about it and I never saw or heard from her, or any other ms nurse again. I’ve made this latest request by phone.


Usually, during the first session the nurse will ask you some questions, do a bladder scan and also ask you to keep a record for 3 days of how much you drink and expell during those days.

They are very friendly and give various options depending on the results.

You will be fine,



It was years ago that I saw a continence nurse so I don’t really remember much about it, other than I found it very helpful, and there was no hint of embrassment from the nurse. The help I got was great & a massive blessing, though as a bloke I’m able to get some different help than the ladies.

Hope it goes well.