In 2005 I was diagnosed with paroxysmal Artrial Fibrillation and take sotalol and Warfarin, this has had to be increased due to further attacks. In 2006 I had a CVA and lost hearing in my right ear. I have tinnitus too which I have had for as long as I can remember. Since 2005 I have been admitted on 4 occasions with episodes of pins and needles and numbness on the left side. Since these I now have weakness all the time in my left arm and leg. Last 2 episodes have come with a lot of pain and the feeling that somebody is using my arm and leg muscle as a dish cloth and ringing them out, this is worse at night. I also have Cervical Neuropathy and spondylosis and spondylosis in my lower back. All MRI’s including my cerivical have come back normal. After the Cervical mri I was referred to neurosurgeon for suspected trapped nerves but he said it was not worth operating and referred me back to the neurologist. They have confirmed they think I may suffer from Migraine Aura’s without headaches but are aware of the progressive neurological dysfunction over the last few years and this was when they dropped the bomb shell. He said I show symptoms of MS but have normal MRI scans, it never entered my mind it could have anything to do with MS it was always thought to be from the AF and possible blood clots. I left him stunned.

Since then, I have ready this site and many of the posts on the forum and it does ring alarm bells, especially the tiredness, blurred vision, bladder weekness and bowels that take all morning to empty. I have never seen the results of my MRI’s only the doctors conclusions, just wondering where I go next?

Hello and welcome

That is a heck of a lot to deal with even without the MS bombshell :frowning:

I guess that where you go from here depends on the neuro. Has he actually diagnosed you with MS or is he sending you for more tests? If you’ve never had a lumbar puncture or evoked potentials, then they would be the next step I would think. Thereafter would depend on the results.

I hope you don’t have too long to wait to get some answers.

Karen x

thanks Karen for your reply, I have asked my doctor if I could have the evoked potential and lumbar puncture but he wants to wait for the Neuro,s summary letter. In the meantime I have asked for more time off work which he has aggreed too. The neuro confirmed on the last visit that I may never get an answer, which I thought would not matter as long as they acknowledged my symptoms, but I was wrong, with ironsight now, and taking into account how I feel its made me realise its very important to have a diagnosis.

My manager has requested a visit to my home with a HR manager on the 16th November, I just hope I can make more headway by then.



The neuro should organise any further tests - GP’s aren’t qualified to investigate or diagnose neurological conditions. So fingers crossed that the letter doesn’t take too long to come through!

Make sure you know exactly what your boss and HR person want to discuss so you can prepare properly (including getting someone there to support you). And cancel or reschedule if they won’t tell you what they want to talk about (in detail) or you feel that you won’t be ready in time.