Confused re what type of MS u may have??

Hi All

Still in limbo but now more confused?? I’ve just looked up lumbar puncture testing & on the NHS website and it discussed the different types. So there is a lot of talk of having relapses. BUT my symptoms r constant & not going away!!!

Where do I fit in??

blissfull x

How long have they been around, blissfull ??

Well relapses can last several months. if symptoms are constant & not going away it could be relapse-remitting but you haven’t had any remittance yet. Any remittance would make it RRMS (relapse-remitting MS). If there is never any remittance then if it is MS it would be Primary Progressive MS (PPMS) which is rarer.

Hope you get answers soon.

Mines been going on for a year think I am ppms does LP results tell you what type you have I’ll find out this week.

LP doesn’t indicate which type of MS a person has. My neuro and I decided together that I have PPMS based on the fact that I had MS but since my symptoms started (2 years by the time I was diagnosed) I had not had any real improvement or sudden worsening, just a slow but fairly steady decline.

Only about 15% of people with MS have PPMS but the older you are when symptoms start, the more likely it is to be PPMS rather than RRMS. If you’re in your 40s or 50s, PPMS is more likely than RRMS.

I will find out tomorrow afternoon which I have but had mine a year so far I hope it’s not PPMS but it’s looking more likely but I’ll know which will be a relief to finally know.

So it couldn’t be ppms if your younger? I guess because of how disabled I am right now I thought maybe ppms but my sister thinks rrms.

been like this 17 months now I guess if steroids work it’s possible it’s rrms 5 days of steroids to get through.

I’m quite sure (but I’m not an expert) that age does not indicate anything for sure. It’s a matter of probabilities. There was a thread “Age at time of dx” on the Primary Progressive MS forum (

Younger people can have PPMS and older people can have RRMS. It’s a probability thing that the older you are when symptoms start, the more likely it is you have PPMS rather than RRMS but it’s not set in stone.

My neuro said it’s too early to tell so on steroids 5 day course I’m hopeful it’s a relapse but didn’t think a relapse lasted over a year but it has been untreated until now back to neuro in 2 months and a ms nurse will call me in a few days I also need a bladder scan anyone had one done? The ms nurse will do this he said.

Thanks Mitzi :slight_smile: you have been a great help to me since my journey so thank you x