Confused No new lesions but still have symptoms.... anyone else?

Hi all I had a scan a month ago as i had a really horribly happening. All over tremor, balance and headache etc. Good news is the lesions are as they were 3 years ago. No explanation for the happening. I know i have’nt got physically a lot worse but have lots of symptoms bladder bowel, swallowing issues and fatigue. I’m on Gilenya, and am slightly concerned they will take me off it, as scan not worse. Also, in that time Iv’e had relapses, balance issues. I don’t get how the scan stays the same.

Thooughts and experiences would be appreciated. Thanx

Thta’s normal to have symptoms still and things flare up without new lesions. Noo they won’t take you off Gilenya if you have no new lesions thats the whole point of the drug.

If you did have more new lesions they would take you off Gilenya as its not working.

Thanks Hobs. Your response made me smile. Seems obvious really, just feeling overloaded with info today.

Your welcome

Hi Twinkle, Totally get you. Agree with Hobs - you won’t be taken off Gilenya. Myself I had an MRI which showed my MS wasn’t active. Fantastic news. So how come I’m still suffering from relapses. That makes no sense to me. The wonders of MS. Hugs Min xx