confused and depressed after seeing neuro

Been to see consultant neurologist today. Hauled myself into the consult on a stick, my right foot dragging behind me. Could barely speak in coherent sentences as so tired. Took husband with me.

Dr behaved as if we’d never met. This is my 3rd visit with him. I’m having my 4th MRI in 5 days time. The neuro service suggested it, not me! Had he read his notes he would presumably have some idea of how my current state compares with when he last saw me. (Worse).

His comment: well the lesions on your first scan haven’t changed in the next 2 scans, so there’s no physical reason for your symptoms getting worse. (last scan 6 months ago) I’m not sure why you’re having another scan. Have you thought about a lumbar puncture? You seem to have CIS. Have the scan and when it shows no change again we’ll discuss LP again, goodbye.

This is the first time he’s ever mentioned CIS, my first symptoms were August 2014, and in early 2015 I was completely symptom free for a few weeks. Does CIS sound likely? From the name, it suggests to me something with a definite time-frame? Isn’t almost 2 years a bit long for one episode? Especially given I had a “good patch” in the middle?

Came home very confused, depressed, feeling like “there’s no physical reason for your symptoms getting worse” is code for “you’re making this up, lady”. Hubby says he probably didn’t mean it in that way. I’ve finally stopped crying now. Thoughts please folks…

hi angs i feel so bad for you ive felt like that in the past too, i cant offer any advice im not even diagnosed but like you i am suffering and get upset and cry and rage, just try and stick with it and dont let them intimidate you you know your body better than anyone