Company on the BUPA 10K for the MS Society

Hello All,

I just wanted to see if anyone else is running the BUPA 10K for the MS Society this month?

I am going to try and run it (and I’m terrified). I’ve had various problems during training - I’m not sure if they’re MS related or not but either way they’re not very much fun so training is tough! My fiancee was going to run with me but we can’t afford the extra place so if anyone else out there is running it too and wants company?

I was diagnosed with MS last year but I’m very lucky in that I can walk / run and determined to do this whilst I can. I’m not very fast but company would be welcome :slight_smile:

Also if anyone has any spare pennies and would like to sponsor me, let me know and I’ll PM you my sponsorship page :slight_smile:


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well done ellesbelles

i couldnt even walk it and i have no spare cash to sponsor you.

but you run with pride!

carole x

Thank you :slight_smile:

I will do my best! xx

Hi EllesBelles, was not aware of this happening …would love to join…but I guess it’s too late…with no serous training? (go running in near park most weekends)

Oooh Gingerlil I’m not sure, it looks like the MS Society still have places but the training side of things is up to you. I still havent managed more than 6k but there are a few weeks to go. Info on the MS society pages here: