Hi everyone

I haven’t been on for a while as I’ve been going through a bout of MS hug, as its worse with nerve pain as well. I’ve also been having electric shocks in my hands and nerve pain attacks in differnt parts of my body that seem to happening more frequently.

I have been prescribed the drug Clonazepam, can I ask if anyone else is on this drug and how effictive was it in combating pain? The fact that I’m able to write here today seems to answer this question but am a little worried by the 4 pages of warnings that came with this drug. I was wondering if I can dip in and out of using as it appears that it can be addictive.

Wendy x

I have been taking clonazepam for a couple of years but for leg twitching at night, rather than pain. It was very effective in stopping the twitching. However, I recently started on the Wahl diet and this seemed to stop the leg twitching, so I stopped the Clonazepam. I now have terrible insomnia and have read that another of Clonazepam’s many effects is to make you sleep and you can get ‘rebound insomnia’ if you stop it. Not that you shouldn’t take it, but just be aware of the side effects - it also has an effect for a long time after you take it, so you might feel sleepy the next day (this has happened to me too and I never thought it was the drug - I thought it was MS).

Hi I had a dreadful experience with clonazepam. Like you, I was prescribed it for the ‘hug’. Low dose for a week, and then my balance was so poor I stopped. Well, I was already addicted! It took me almost a year to finally come off it. My wife was fragmenting the tablets so that I could gradually reduce the dose. It took a year of my life! Be careful! John

Forgot to mention - I had to stop driving while on the drug. Didn’t feel safe. John

Thanks John I will bear in mind what you have said, it does sound a bit scary so will probably try and leave it out after a week. I no longer drive so that’s not a problem, unless you count my buggy!

Wendy x

Thanks for the advice sewing chick, good luck with the diet, I am on the Jelinek diet, I do think that sometimes our symptoms disappear and how do we know whether it’s the drugs that are helping or perhaps they would have gone away by themselves, if that makes sense

Wendy x