Clinical isolated attack?

Hi everyone.

I was ill May last year and after a lot of visits to doctors I eventually went for an MRI scan, which I was told I had 7 lesions, was given 2 courses of steroids and told I had ADEM or possible MS.

16 months on I am on Amitriptyline & Kepra had another MRI because I feel terrible dizziness, tired, confusion, blurred vision, headaches etc. I was told I didn’t have any new lesions but still have 4 remaining from before.

I have now decided to come off all medication to see how I feel, not sure if the symptoms are from me or the drugs. Been told it is a Clinical isolated attack!

Really don’t know what to think or how long I am going to feel like this!! :frowning: x

This is the mirror of what happened to me… Due a mri in oct. I stopped my meds and have felt good…

Hi Dawnie

The above link is quite a useful fact sheet on CIS.