Cladribine - effects

Hi. I got diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago and basically gone steadily downhill since. I was given Cladribine last year and took it in Feb and March with view to part two next year. Since March, my decline has been even more drastic. I now can hardly walk. My left arm is pretty much useless now and the fatigue is just awful. As far as I am concerned this does seem coincidental to taking the drug. My consultant can’t say either way, just that some people get on with it and some don’t. He says now not to take round two. Instead, he has instigated me taking Ocrevus, another drug just licenced for R&R. Just fed up with everything now. I have little family for support and feel that the MS people here in Devon are hopeless tbh. Anyone had similar experience with Cladribine, and any comments on Ocrevus???