Hi all,

I’m finding Ocrevus is not working for me. I’m always feeling tired, severe headaches and I’m now having double vision which is affecting my work. Had 2 relapses whilst on Ocrevus. My MRI scan shows I have new lesion. My Nuero has recommended to take me off Ocrevus ASAP and to start Cladribine. After reading up on it I’m not sure as it only reduces the number of relapses by 50% compared to Ocrevus as 70%. Seems like my nuero is recommending me into something which is not going to have any affect and the results will be worse than Ocrevus. I was taking Tysabri for 8 years and I was feeling great and never had any releases but because I am JCV positive but only slightly I was put on Ocrevus. Has anyone tried Cladribine and what is your experience?