CIS and possible second attack

Hallo, I was diagnosed with cis on 9th October 2014 after being referred to a neurologist due to desensitisation in one of my legs. I had a wrenching pain in my right thigh which lasted seconds followed by the desensitisation all my leg which i didnt notice until a few days later. The doctors were fab and did blood tests then referred me to a neurologist all within a bout 3 weeks as my bloods were clear. The week before i had the appointment i had the same wrenching happen in my left thigh but this time the pain lasted longer and i couldnt move my leg but This only lasted about 10-15 seconds. The neurologist sent me for an mri which came back showing i had 2 lesions and based on this and my symptoms gave me a diagnosis of cis. He said he cam perform a lumbar puncture if i wanted but It would be unnecessary pain and the mri clearly shows the lesions. He said he’d refer me to a ms nurse for any questions i may think of as i couldnt think of a single thing to ask. I had a stinking cold at the time of diagnosis and a 10 month old baby that i do mainly hold on my left arm, but that afternoon for a week i had a dull ache in my upper arm but also slight tingling but I put this down to more repetative strain from working at a computer, carrying baby, general tiredness from getting up through night with baby. But Since then I’ve been unindated with colds, I’ve had 2 weeks of terrible nights sleep with littleun and i can feel my arm is different, my index finger is really cold, feels like i have no grip but I can, feels a bit twitchy like its going to wrench again and the tingling mainly in forearm and hand, struggle to hold things out infront of me, feels like its shaking but Isnt and the index finger on my right hand has started to have feelings of coldness. I finally had my referral to 5he clinical nurse specialist alnost 4 months after diagnosis but my questions are; * should i contact my neurologists office to say i think I’ve had an attack or do i make an appointment with the clinical nurse? * it was classed as a first neurological episode despite having 2 lesions and there was about 5 weeks (i think) between the wrenching in my right leg and the wrenching in my left leg. Id had the neuro appoitment letter through before my l3ft leg problem so I dont understand why this is classed as 1 neurological episode? Many apologies for the long post, i cant do short explainations as everyone at work moans at me for! Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated as i cant phone either neuro offic3 nor nurse while im at work due to lack of privacy! Amyxx

Hi Zinnifer

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If you have a direct number for the ms nurse, it maybe quicker to contact him/her. If not, just ring neuro secretary and explain that you need to update neuro about a change of your symptoms.

Sorry, I have probably missed a lot of what you’ve written but I think I got the gist of it.

Try and do paragraphs if possible please

I’d say the best thing to do is to get in touch with an MS nurse, if you have one, or the neurologists secretary.

Like Blossom, I find your post difficult to read with no paragraphs

Rosina x

Thank you for your advice! Im going to try and ring this week. I did do paragraphs but As its on my phone im assuming it had a moment and decided not to show them!

Not to worry, just didn’t want to miss what you had written.

Let us know how you get on.

Good luck