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Hi! I was diagnosed in December which has come as a huge shock. I was advised to make a claim on our critical illness cover which we have. My worry is this, I spoke to my GP back in 2020 when I experienced very mild tingling. Blood tests were carried out and nothing more came of it. Fast forward to this year, and my entire body was numb and I was admitted to hospital and a diagnosis of MS was given. Could our insurers refuse to pay out as I previously saw a GP about tingling? Despite nothing coming of it? I’ve read some real horror stories and gotten myself all worked up and anxious which is absolutely ridiculous I know! Thanks in advance :blush:

I am sorry that you have an extra worry that you could do without. I have no idea whether you have cause for concern, but the sooner you put in the claim the sooner (with luck) the policy will pay out and that particular aspect of your troubles will fade like a bad dream so you can concentrate on your health. Good luck.

We can’t state unequivocally that there would be no comeback, but it is widely regarded that MS is very hard to diagnose. Indeed I read recently that perhaps 10-15% of people diagnosed with MS have been misdiagnosed, though I have no idea how scientific that prediction was.

In my own situation, I was diagnosed with MS Feb’21 but saw the same consultant neurologist in 2019 and he didn’t pick it up. There’s a comment in a letter from my GP from 2017 saying it would be a good idea to get a head scan but it stopped short of a referral. In retrospect, my earliest symptoms (PPMS) began around 2013 but my misdiagnosis was for something else.

So after that waffle, if you have a formal diagnosis, verified on MRI and backed up by a LP, then the date you had that, is the date your illness began in the eyes of your insurers. Probably. Easily said, but let the facts speak.

The critical question in raising questions in the insurance companies mind is about disclosure.
If the policy came into effect before you first went to see the GP there should be no problem (obviously). If you declared everything when they asked questions there should be no problems.
I remember being asked at the age of 30 being asked if I had ever had an X-Ray. Having a very good memory I said a chest X-Ray at the age of 8. They came back and asked about the result. I replied no action taken and they were satisfied!
Unfortunately there are people who might try to take out cover after they have a strong inkling that something is wrong.

It’s all such a minefield! We’ve had the cover in place for 10 years and thankfully, we’ve never had to use it. From my recent MRI’s and Lumbar Puncture, my Neurologist has firmly said that I have MS which was a huge shock. My worry is that I went to see my GP in 2020 about tingling and nothing ever really came of it.

Hopefully in that case there should be no problem other than the pain involved in any case. Hopefully MS will be on their list and it should be plain sailing. It all comes down to the wording on the policy in the end.

If you’ve had the cover in place long before any hint of trouble, I think you’re safe. That’s great news.

Well done, thinking ahead like that. I’m the woman who turned down the option of CI cover for the new mortgage a year before MS came calling. :laughing:

As nothing came of your blood tests in 2020, what were you supposed to have told the insurance company? You were not told in 2020 that you had MS, your medical records do not show that you had MS in 2020. Now, you have received a diagnosis, and the date of the diagnosis is what matters.

Hi, sounds like a nightmare and hope you’re OK… must be difficult! All depends on when you took the policy and what’s covered on it but defo speak to your insurer. They should be able to tell you and MS should be covered if you’ve been fully diagnosed. One of the main conditions on critical illness is MS… hope this helps

Hi everyone,
Hope your all keeping well.

I got diagnosed last year at the age of 29 and our mortgage advisor told me to claim on my CI cover so we did.
We have now got a pay out which is a big help but unsure whats best to do with it. As MS isn’t affecting me at the moment, we are unsure if we should extend the property were in or move.! This property is to small and not suitable for an adaptations should they be needed… My only worry is if we use that money to do home improvements or move, if I loose my job in years to come would we struggle to get any help as we have had a pay out? The pay out we had isn’t enough for someone to live off. Any advice is much appreciated, not sure if we should see a solicitor for advice!

Thanks for your time.