Choice for private consultation

My GP has today confirmed that I need a neurologist appointment and I’ve agreed to pay for my initial appointment and then to transfer back to the NHS for the subsequent tests. I have been given the choice of Dr Nin Bajaj at Derby or Dr Christoper Gilmore at Woodthorpe Nottingham. Has anyone seen either of them and any recommendations

sorry, i dont know of these docs.

but going private does get us seen sooner .None of us is happy to jump the queue, but if needs must, then we must.

It`s what I did when I was told there was a 10 month wait back in 1999.


My GP said not to think of it as queue jumping … the appointments are of a separate allocation and actually you’re freeing up an NHS appointment for someone else by going private.

Re advice, someone on here advised me that it’s best to try and see a neuro that also takes NHS patients so that it’s easier if/when you need to be referred back to the NHS for further tests/treatments.

Good luck x

I went through the NHS very quickly so didn’t have to start going private (my GP intially thought that I had had a stroke when I woke up one morning hardly able to walk and with slurred speech. Very, very scary!) If I had been in a different position I would have probably gone private for my first appointment though. What I would do is to Google the names of the suggested neurologists to see what their speciality is. Make sure that they are a MS specialist. Not all neurologists are and - although they may be very good and experienced - their particular skills might be in other types of neurological conditions. There have been occasions when I have known things about MS that the registrar on the neuro day ward where I have my Tysabri hasn’t!