Changing to avonex prefiled pen for less side affects

Hi everyone,

Since the beginning of 2009 i’ve been injecting weekly with Avonex using a personal injector that the prefilled syringe clicks into, and i’ve always suffered the flu like symptoms, whether it be the day after or the day after that. I have told my MS nurse this at every appointment and have been offered the other forms of interferon but not wanted to inject more than once a week so have stuck with my original choice. But at my last appointment i was told that other people were reportedly having less side affects with a different “prefillled automatic injector” so after a long wait i have some sat in my fridge awaiting injection night.

I would like to know if anyone else has changed to the automatic personal injectors for Avonex (i have read about different injectors for Rebif and others but not avonex) and had a change in side affects. I can’t see much difference but the needles do look a bit shorter.


I switched a couple weeks ago. Have been on the pre filled syringe for years but started getting bad injection site reactions so nurse suggested switching to the the spring loaded pen version. No injection site reactions so far. I think my side effects are actually slightly worse but I think that is down to stress as I have found the switching over a bit difficult. (Have always hated needles to begin with and haven’t found the new delivery system all that much easier. ). Have decided to give it anither couple months. Hope you have an easier time…

I was on Avonex and switched to the pre filled syringe and found that I still had the same side affects, It is still the same drug after all. I am now on Copaxone which doesn’t have the side affects but the downside it is a daily injection.

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Thanks peeps

Well, i’ve used my new injector and the injection itself was a lot easier than usual, didn’t feel quite as deep, but the side affects have been the same. Boooo! Maybe my nurse thought it would have some kind of placebo effect by telling me that other people reported less side affects. Really don’t wanna inject more than once a week.