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hi all…im being made redundant and ive been thinkin about my future…i always wanted to study to be a mental health nurse but got busy having children and getting ms! ive looked online at the entry requirements for the courses and it says medical screening does anybody no if ms will prevent me from being accepted?? thank you Lisa xx

i really don’t know but i should imagine that your application will be looked at and judged on its own merits.

good luck lisa

hope someone comes along with more useful info

carole x

Hi Honeypot,

Why not ask them? If you would have to disclose it anyway, as part of the recruitment process, there doesn’t seem much harm in asking about it up-front.

I would have thougt they’d probably be more concerned about conditions that were potentially transmissible to patients, which MS certainly isn’t. But I don’t know for sure. Nursing is certainly an arduous job, and specialising in mental health wouldn’t mean there were no physical aspects to deal with. A friend of mine was assaulted on her first day on the ward! I’m not saying that’s a routine happening, but it’s certainly not a nice, safe, desk job - I’m sure you know that already. She had to learn general medicine, like administering injections etc, too.

So I don’t know if there would be any barriers or cautions for applicants with long-term health issues. In theory, no, as it would be discriminatory - but then again, they have to put the wellbeing of patients first. If it would affect your ability to do the job, they may have an exemption on that basis.