Care options.

Please could anyone let me know what options are available for when someone needs care. Is it possible to get a carer to come in, a couple of times a day without it breaking the bank? What is available via social care? Does anyone know what percentage of people with PPMS need social care? Many thanks.

To find out your options I suggest you contact your local authority, they are best placed to assess your needs and explain the options you have.

Jan x

There is usually a means test for how much you will pay. This is my first month having a carer in to clean me up and help me dress. It’s a huge bonus.


Hi ok you have to contact your local Adult Care team. they will send somene to you and do an assessment it can take about an hour sometimes longe.

Once they have deteremined your need for care, you have options. You can apply for Direct Payments. If you are under a certain threshold with regard to savings etc, you can have the amount paid by the government.

You can be offered any amount of hours, from 1 to whatever is needed. I had 10 hours allocated to me.

Direct Payments was my saviour to be honest. My 10 hours helped me as it included the need to get out and have someone take me, not just personal care, its whatever the assessor thinks will help you have a decent enough life.

so after christmas ring your local adult social care team, and get the ball rolling. I wish you every success. MERRY XMAS.

Hi I have care via Direct Payments like Crazy Chick. I`ve had it for 8.5 years and only this year have had to start paying towards it. I was offered a free brokerage system, which is managed by Social Worker. I decided against it chose an agency myself to have continuity of carers. The brokerage system involves using several agencies/carers.