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Hi there - Say here at 10.45pm.awaiting an ambulance for the past 6hrs as the carers came to assess my brother this afternoon and concluded they can no longer provide care for Ian at home duevto his immobility. Collectively we have known this to be the case as a family for about 6- 12 months but Ian can be very stubborn & single minded even with such an adbanced stage of progressive MS. Thoughts now turn to where we can look to best support him from a care home perspective as he is only 53 and on a good day - which is few and far between now - he can be quite engaging with an active mind and the thought of placing him in a 75+ only care environment simply doesn’t bare thinking about & from a previous brief experience at Town Thorns this is not a place Ian wanted to return to. Any advice or suggestions for MS care for 53yr olds in the Rugby/ Hinckley/ Coventry area would be appreciated as after the hospital assessment & knowing Ian’s deterioration this is the likely next step over the coming weeks ahead - that’s if/ when the ambulance can get to him. Many thanks. Jon

I am shocked he cant get care at home even if he is advanced. BOTH my daughter and her husband work or worked in care with people in advanced stages of illnesses, they had to use hoist and and helped all the time. My own MIL, going back some years i put in sheltered housing and she had full care package they came and dealt with her 4 times a day and put her to bed and early morning, then we had an overnight carer stay with her. So not sure why this comapny have rejected him.

Is it the right care company for his needs? I have a friend who looks after his wife and she is fully bed bound. the idea now is to keep people OUT OF CARE HOMES. I would query this decision IMHO.

Update - Ian is still in hospital but after a few meetings with the OT nurse and a home visit they have - & more importantly Ian has - agreed to a 4x a day with 2x carers home visit as well as embracing having all of the necessary equipment brought in. Today we were at Ian’s house taking delivery if a hospital bed, hoist, table and with a few extra tweaks he should be able to return home to a far safer and more comfortable environment than before. A mammoth amount of work was needed to strip the house so the new equipment could go in and the carers could have enough room to use the new equipment but hopefully next week we will be there and the house will be ready. We also managed to get a nearly new HLC riser chair that should help with keeping him comfortable & safer when he does need to get up or transfer to his wheelchair whilst the carers are not there. It will be a huge relief and comfort to have this in place. Although Ian has literally zero assets he seems to be being charged about £250 a month for the provision of this care so if there’s any advise on how we can ensure this is free for Ian that would be massively helpful please. Thanks for the comments & advise provided so far. :slightly_smiling_face::crossed_fingers::pray:

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