Carbon Fibre Wheelchair

Is it wrong for me to covet this super wheelchair

Not wrong at all, they look amazing. I wonder how much they are ?

Don, it looks seriously cool. But my sports car phase has morphed into the “comfortable” zone. I like my sensible Enigma.

But how much are they?

Best wishes, Steve.

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I have no idea how much they are but cool or what


Very cool, something else to save up for. Have you seen those engines you can clip to a chair, turning them into power trikes. I’ve tried to post the link but this is the best I can do. Now that’s really cool too.


is another one

Hi Don

I love the orange part of the chair, but no good for me, arms too weak to propel myself.

Sorry, I suppose thinking about it, mentioning the colour is such a girl thing!!

Pam x

Pam I don’t think it’s a girl thing I often say to Heather about the colour of stuff. I just think from a design point it looks so futuristic most of our equipment is so utilitarian no one considers design it’s only for a disabled person they don’t care, they will be ungrateful they can get something so it won’t mater about the design, seems to be the attitude.

Very cool Don, I think they are £1200. I can self propel but only for very limited periods…causes terrible arm pains if I do it for too long.

Nina x

Nothing in the Ten Commandments about coveting your neighbour’s wheelchair, Don!

covet away, boy.


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Look very cool, so a question due to stiff legs walking is limited how do you manage, I don’t want to be in a chair I’m only 35 so I don’t leave house but don’t want to relie on a chair but I have a upcoming funeral to attend to any tips appreciated x

sorry it’s off topic.

thanks X

Snazzy wheels! Hi Alysea - I’m a similar age to you; although I don’t use a chair as yet, there are circumstances where it would probably be a good idea. For example, it’s no longer possible for me to enjoy large museums or art galleries and I was very restricted the last time my partner and I went to visit castle gardens. It did set us thinking - the paths were so smooth and flat, it would have been ideal for a set of wheels…

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Alysea, I know it might not be suitable but there is always the compromise of a rollator with a seat.

If you were to use the carbon fibre chair however, you’d be the coolest dude around.

Take care, Steve.

Rollator won’t help me as my balance is really bad right now and walking wouldn’t be so hard if my legs wasn’t so stiff but no Ms nurse and not many meds , just baclofen and Pregabalin is all I’m on but have my local council and there OT coming Monday about adaptions.

Thank you x

Hi Alyssa, have you given the Rollator a go? I have balance problems & my O.T ordered me one to try, I resented it at first but now I won’t leave the house without it, I’m at least able to walk a few metres and sit down when I need to. I get a few stares from some people, I think there jealous cause I can sit down anywhere I want.he he.

Pauline xx

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Yahhh way to go Pauline.

Alysea one of the hardest things is aceptance of they are not wheelchairs but a tool which enables you to enjoy your life, but more importantly OTHERS to enjoy your company. By staying at home you are denying others of the benefit of your wit and opinion on there terrible dress sense and your comment on their decisions. Life is a two way street make sure you annoy those on the other carriageway its the only fun you get. I have been there and it is hard but all these things are there to make your life easier and enable YOU to carry on with a meaningful life. Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh its not meant that way but its all in our heads the rest of the world actually dont give a toss. People want to be with you and a wheelchair scooter or a rollator sticks and crutches enable you to be with them. Said with love and a knowledge of haviing gone through it with each of those bits of equipment I am now in an electric wheelchair full time. XXX Don


I am going to get a scooter soon, I don’t take many meds due to no Ms nurse, I have crutches but stiff legs prevent my walking if I could just ease that I would be ok, I will see about getting a wheelchair but I am 35 only and want to be able to walk but at moment it would take hours just to walk round corner.

I am doing physio exercises but they don’t help ease the stiffness how can that help, any way I’ll get a scooter so if you know best place to buy I would love some ideas xx

Thank you all for your help xx

Alyssa just because you have no MS nurse should not stop you access to drugs that can help stiffness speak to your GP there loads of stuff to help.


Gp is brilliant he’s the one who gave me baclofen I’m on one three times Dailey and neurologist gave me Pregabalin I’m on 150mg twice a day, if there are anything else I could take let me know no Ms nurse means I don’t know what I should be taking I see neurologist next month and asked his secretary to refer me to Ms nurse again thanks again everyone xx

The carbon black is between £7000-£10,000 they are really the sports versions of wheelchairs, I am going to have to stick with my sunrise helium!!! (but yes I seriously covert this wheelchairs smooth lines!)

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