Carbamazepine reaction


I’m in my mid fifties and not been diagnosed but have had very many symptoms over the years, some have come and gone some have stayed with me. I’ve had various investigations and diagnosed in my teens with IBS, JMJD, migraines and herniated discs with Sciatica! More recently I’ve added Paraesthesias and fatigue that’s becoming hard to handle so asked to see a neurologist.

I’m currently waiting for my first MRI (two weeks for head, four weeks spine) but have been prescribed 100mg Carbemazepine for the migraine and facial pain in the meantime. (I’ve been on 50-75mg amitriptyline for over twenty years but neurologist suggested this was about max) I only took one dose and got an overwhelming reaction (sick, dizzy, drowsy and unsteady) I know I need to give it more of a chance but can’t work like that so had to stop for now.

Has anyone else had this sort of ‘over-reaction’? I’ve always thought I’m sensitive to medication but this hit me like a truck about two hours after taking it so I’m scared to take any more.



hi mickey discuss this with your gp and ask his advice. there must be an alternative medication. good luck carole x

It knocked me for six too - I wasn’t sick or dizzy but the tiredness was like nothing I have experienced before or since. It did work, though! I wasn’t on it for long, and I did think I was starting to tolerate it better.


Thanks for the replies

Unfortunately my GP isn’t very knowledgable or understanding and I don’t get to see the Neurologist again until end of May so I guess I’ll stop taking them and have to wait until then. For me this is the most frustrating thing … everything seems to take so long especially in limbo - land!


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