Can't twitch right side if my face

I’m sixteen and I’ve just realised I can’t twitch the left side if my face… As much as I try too I just can’t :frowning: I’ve never been able to I think…is this normal? I can’t wink with the left eye either . I wear hearing aids and my hearing is worse in the left side so would that have anything to do with it. ?? Thanks Am just wanting some answers ASAP

Hello Courtney

Welcome to the forum.

Courtney, I really can’t say what’s causing your facial problem…sorry!!

I can understand why your worried though, I would be too. You need to see you doctor…what do your parents think Courtney?

Are you being investigated for a neurological problem?

Try and share a little bit more about yourself if you can. There are lots of lovely people happy to chat and offer advice and support.

Look forward to chatting, Noreen