Brunch is ready

This is a strange house today. For the first time in 24 years we have no offspring with us. OH, however, has only slightly cut back on his brunch…just in case [we expect daughter to appear ar some point…the lure of pressies…].

So - cereals, fruit juices, bacon, sausages, eggs, black pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, fried tattie scones, toast, tea, coffee - orders in please and we will serve up shortly.


Moderators are always lurking it’s just nice to let you know sometimes that you are truly never alone. Enjoy your day as best you can, share mine if you wish - be warned…no turkey dinner and you may have to pop out to the pub with us for an hour.

Phewee, Liz, that’s a darned fine way of fitting 4 of your 5 a day into one sitting!

Merry Christmas

Lolli xx

That’s true - then a rest before starting on the chocolates…


Glad to hear you’re giving them proper respect and a decent build-up;>)

Lolli xx

Hi Liz

Sorry I am a tad late this year…

I guess that I have missed brunch? Its ok-I had a couple of egg and salad cream rolls earlier. Now its time for chocolate…

A very different Christmas here this year too-my eldest hasnt been here (she left home in Sept but am seeing her tomorrow)

Santa delivered a drum kit last night -to next door (Thanks Santa-will bring it here when its possible to do so!)

Hope you have all had the sort of day that you wished for…

Ellie x

Ellie I am really pleased you arrived. A couple of years ago you were seriously in the doldrums but we had a good Christmas together didn’t we? I hope the fact that so few people needed OH’s food is that everyone had someone this year.

Years ago one of my s-i-ls sent a duracell drumming bunny to my kids. I waited till her son was the same age and sent it back to her!!

We had a quiet day; and it was nice…apart from goodness knows how many carry on films.