Broken wrist, brought me down to earth!

Hi everyone!

well as we know we have all had some terrible weather some weeks ago. At one point I thought we would never be rid of the snow or ice … And that’s where the story begins lol. 4 weeks ago I stepped out the back door to get something from the fridge in the garage, and having thought the snow and ice was cleared, down I went on the black ice …splat! Or rather crack! I broke my wrist. This happened just a week after starting medication for osteoporosis. During the X-rays they also found osteoarthritis in my strong side knee!

Well I retreated into myself a bit, it made me realise how fragile thing are, and I am. It got me down and put me back a bit.

my walking and speach and dexterity declined because I think the fall took everything out of me. Anyway I’ve got to go for a scan next week, on my knee, and the GP is getting the neurologist to see me again, since I’ve had quite a significant decline again.

Now the thing that scares me the most is I have got my PIP assessment coming to the house on March 3rd!! Argh! I hadn’t asked them to come to the house, and it’s made me a wreck! It’s only because they are coming to my house :frowning: and everything has changed because it’s a year since I applied! So my prescriptions have changed and my symptoms are worse, so I just wonder how it will go, because what I say will not match up exactly to what I’ve written because of that! Anyway I’ll keep you up to date with it all.

love to you all, with healing wrist and all

Polly xxxxx

Polly STOP, you need to better. The worry will make you worse. The PIP people will be Ok if the prescription has changed if your wrist is broken and they will see how this affects you. The fact is all this stuff makes us uncomfortable and the realise that. You worrying won’t help. Make yourself a coffee have a favourite biccies and think about it.

Hugs from Margate


Things change and I’m sure they will appreciate that, if they want you to be exactly as your application states then they need to assess you the week you apply.

Wrist sounds very painful hope it heals soon, and your medication for osteoporosis prevents further breaks. It isn’t always a good idea to shovel the snow away as people think it’s safe to walk when usually it’s less safe due to unseen ice.

Sounds like you’ve had a rotten time of it recently, here’s to a better year ahead

Jan x

Thank you Don and Jan,

I really appreciate your comments, I’m away to the hospital today, and I think all these things just get me in a tizzy, where as I’m normally a lot calmer. It will probably be a lot easier than my head is creating lol


Polly xxxxx

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Hi Polly, as others have said, they will expect that things have changed so just tell them that and how things have got worse.

Have a list of your meds and all you new symptoms as it’s so easy to forget esp when nervous.

Sometimes I find that if I tell someone I’m nervous it’s not as bad. And of course everyone they go to assess is nervous as well.

Getting in a tizzy is very much part of MS… in my experience anyway. I can’t believe how much I get in a tizzy sometimes… just maybe for looking for something or to have to prepare to go somewhere and it often has me in tears. So tell yourself that it’s part of your MS. Telling yourself that helps too.

Thinking of you,

Pat xx

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Polly what rotten luck you’ve had. Please just concentrate on looking after yourself, and letting your wrist heal. MS is variable enough without the added complications you’re suffering and I’m sure whoever comes to assess you will know that if they’ve had anything at all to do with other people with it. All you need to do is show them a list of your new meds and tell them how you’re managing now and where you need help.

They have all the details of what your situation was when you filled the forms in and can make notes to compare that to your current condition. They’ll do your assessment according to how you are now, they’re used to changes. And don’t even think about trying to do a massive spring clean and decoration of the living room to impress them either, you’ll only make yourself even more poorly. All they’re interested in is you, that you’re safe, warm, cared for and able to remain in your home and manage to look after yourself.

If you want to do something constructive, make a list of everything you have or use to make life easier from buying frozen veg, sitting to iron or prepare meals, to bathing and dressing aids or wearing clothes with elastic rather than zips. They also ask how long it takes you to have a bath/shower, dress, make it to the bathroom etc. They want to know what you do in the day, bits of housework but also hobbies and interests and what time you go to bed and how you manage with shopping, getting your medication and if you have friends or family nearby.

I’ve not had a home assessment myself but sat in on one with a friend so if you’ve any questions please ask, I’ll not remember every detail but can at least give you a bit of reassurance. It isn’t traumatic, they’re not there to terrorise or interrogate you but you do have to be honest and not play the hero or you’ll get no help. Just relax.

Hope you feel better soon, and sorry about the essay, just trying to help reassure you.

Cath x

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Hi Pollly

Let the people know your nervous, I expect they will say everyone is, so please don’t worry, it only makes symptoms worse for you.

Hope your wrist heals quickly, that was the exact same way I found out I had osteoporosis, bby breaking my arm.

Take care, everything crossed for you.

Pam x

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Thank you Cath, and everyone else for all your support. I have spoken to my hubby and he’s sorted me out a bit as well. Like you’ve said, I’ve to just be myself and answer things like Cath said without being a hero! And simply explain how my life is day to day.

I do watch TV a lot to be honest to pass my time, but I also draw when I’m really up to it, I had been doing glitter glasses for a few months before Christmas but I’ve not done it for months as it got too much for me. I’m lucky that Stewart is home to look after me, and I’ve had a lot of home adaptions, so I just need to understand that it’s not Hitler that’s coming to see me lol!

thank you for being there, I can’t thank you all enough

love from Polly xxxxxx

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Hello Polly.

It’s such rotten luck with the wrist.

When the PIP person arrives you just need to be clear. Write a list of your daily and occasional difficulties. Tell them the clue is in the title with the emphasis on the word progressive. Looking at the symptoms page on this site is helpful in terms of expressing your difficulties. Hope you are feeling better. Remember we’re all warriors, showing countless examples of tenacity and bravery.

Steve x

Thank au Steve, your all my friends, and hero’s who I look to more than you know, but thank u I will use this site as well as my own knowledge it’s tough, but I’ll get there, we are stronger than the red tape

love and hugs Polly xxxxxx

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I found the PIP process much easier than I had expected it to be and they actually gave me more points than I expected for things that I hadn’t mentioned in my application, e.g. they assumed that I would need grab rails in the shower from the fact that I have problems with mobility and fatigue. So they were very decent and they certainly didn’t try to award me as little as they could get away with - I found the process very fair and humane. Hopefully you will have a similar experience.

Best wishes


Hi Polly,

So sorry to hear about your wrist.

I am expecting my pip appointment this year, like you I’m very nervous so I can’t offer you advice but I do wish you the very best of luck.

Let us know how it goes!

Nina x

Hello, I am from the United States I am going t the Neuro tomorrow. I am not understandng what a PIP is. What is DVLA I believe that is the acronym. Sorry if thisis a dumb ?

PIP is a benefit and stands for Personel Independance Payment. DVLA stands for Department of Vehicle Licensing Agency they decide if you are allowed to drive and keep a record of everything on our roads. You might be getting it mixed up with DLA (Disability Living Allowance which is the benefit that PIP is replacing.

Do you reside in the USA or the UK.

Jan x