Brighton Marathon

Hi everyone

I would just like to tell you that my daughter Vic, her friend Kate, along with some other friends all completed the Brighton Marathon today; they ran on behalf of the Kent MS Therapy Centre in Canterbury. I am so proud and happy, one step nearer to a new Therapy Centre for people with MS living in Kent.

Wendy x

Well done to them, and for a very good cause.

Hope they’re not in too much agony tonight!


Well done! Having done a number of Marathons in the past (ok, 5 were in one year was a bit much on my knees!) they will get the bug of long distance events! My SO says it is like childbirth. Pain towards the end and after but then it is worth all the effort and about a year later, we think should we do it again!

Well done to them! Teresa xx

They are baring up and ready for work this morning thanks Val.

Wendy x

Thanks for that VinceA they are adament that they’ll not be doing any more (at the moment) I would rather they used swimming and cycling for their exercise. My daughter’s friends who are osteopaths say that a lot of their work comes from ex marathon runners!

Wendy x

Thanks Teresa.

Wendy x