breakfast Tv this morning - wheel chair user now able to walk

i didnt see it myself but my aunt phoned me this morning to say there was a young lady with MS who was in a wheel chair and that she was given a treatment that helped her and now she no longer uses her wheelchair. i think it was on BBC Breakfast.

It was probably this programme.

lt was in the Sunday Times as well. A trial at the Royal Hallamshire Hosp Sheffield. You need to be quite well and fit to undergo it as they use a very aggressive chemo to wipe out your immune system before using you stem cells to re-boot the immune system. Early days - and they have to cover all risks.

l think l would risk it - but they will probably say - as they always do - ‘you have had MS too long’ - and don’t l know it!!

In the interests of balance, here is the NHS view.


I think Its HSCT that the lady on tv this morning, had, at least i think it is, i dont think they put it over very well at all but i do know they had an HSCT trial in Sheffield,and thats where she was from so i presume, that she had been on the trial and had got the HSCT and not the placebo ,anyone that wants to know about HSCT theres the HSCT close forum that gives you lots of info, i would like to try it myself,but would have to remortage my house,i know at some clinics they will do it even if you have progressive MS,

Russias a place that does it but has a 2 yr waiting list

this is the only thing in my 23 yrs of MS that has made me think theres any hope,it really is.

J x

I saw this too, but I also remembering reading somewhere she has RRMS, and ended up in the wheelchair after the birth of her baby, which is apparently not all that unusual. so we will not know how much she would have recovered from that relapse. Fair to say she may have not recovered as quick.

Don’t get me wrong, my fingers are crossed it keeps working for her and anyone else on the trial, but its only 4 years in. I think this maybe still a long way off.

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From what I read on the Barts Blog is that the stem cell treatment reboots the immune system but does not fix any permanent axon or nerve damage that has happened in a relapse or in progressive MS. Her wheel chair use was probably only for a short temporary period of a relapse I guess. I would be more excited if a person who was a wheel chair user with confirmed progressive MS got up and walked.

Moyna x

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I was very excited about this. My husband met Paulo Muraro, a doctor who has been doing work on HSCT. He has seen really good results with people with aggressive RRMS. For people like me, older, with lots of accumulated disability, he hasn’t seen lots of benefits. The treatment itself is quite dangerous.

Anyway, the message from him was if you’re young, with aggressive RRMS, where you get good recovery from relapses, this could be a cure. For those of us who don’t fit into those categories, the risks are huge and the benefits probably won’t be.

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I`m sorry, but my first reaction to reading that someone who used a wheelchair didnt anymore, was

oh so she crawls on the floor commando like then

sorry, no offence meant, just trying to lift myself for a moment out of grieving is all.


ps I really didnt mean any offence

Aww Poll, really know how you’re feeling, big hugs coming your way xx nobody will be offended.

Rosina x