Brain Training?

Of all the problems that MS has caused me, the most upsetting one for me is the effect it has had on my cognition.  I have always been idle and non-athletic (think a sloth on tranquilisers) but I have always been in highly academic jobs and known for a high intellect.  MS has resulted in a drastic loss of my mental skills and my IQ has plummeted and this means that I have suffered overwhelming damage to my self image and my general mental well-being.

I don't play computer games but my nephew recently gave me his nintendo DS so I have been diligently battling various brain training games on it.  I know that these games are not cures for my broken cognition but - once I got over the shame of not remembering my times tables blush I do think that it has helped me a little bit. 

It's been a bit of a mental warm up before I start the day, like a runner stretchibg their muscles before they start running.  (Not that I have ever run anywhere!  OH always referred to me as J-Lo because I don't "do" stairs)

Does anyone else use games like this as a regular mental workout?  Do you find they help?  



i have considered getting a ds for the same reason.

it is supposed to be very beneficial and it is reccommended for people with early dementia.

damn it's so cr*p having to think like this.

also smiling and laughing are good for everything and i'm ok with that


carole x

They don't improve things - or at least didn't for me.   Part to do with cognition but part to do with my hands getting so badly affected, I am slow and clumsy at putting in the answers!  However the DS gives me something to do when I am sitting down as I cannot bear to do nothing.  I also do Sudoku puzzles on mine which passes many an hour with a cuppa.

I also  use games & puzzles to give myself a bit of a mental workout. The Puzzler magazines are great. The Nintendo sounds great too, though I have no experience of them. I also force myself to play a boardgame called Coverup. This is a plastic board with different coloured disks on on the surface. In the box there are also several L shaped and oblong plastic pieces that can be arranged over each colour to 'cover up' just that one colour. There is only one answer for each colour and some colours are far harder than the other. I genuinely feel more lucid and just 'better' mentally when I use it.

                          Best of luck with the plan,



Like you my cognition problems have caused me a lot of stress, especially when I didn't know what was causing it!

My husband bought me a brain trainer and must say it has been a very good piece of equipment. I've always been good at my tables so it's hardly fair that a lot of the tests involve tables.

I have recently got into Sokudo on the brain trainer. My husband and daughter have been playing it for years and it's taken me a while to get my poor old brain to work it out. I am cracking it now though.

I love my brain trainer, but only use if for a half an hour at a time as I find my patience wheres thin and it becomes annoying, frustrating and very tiring.


There is an app for the iPad/iPhone called “Word Welder” which certainly gives my poor old (!) brain a workout! I find it much easier to do in the morning, struggle quite badly in the evening when my brain has fried all day!

Not sure if these puzzles actually do any good for cog fog probems but I certainly feel better with myself when I move up a level!


I know just where you're coming from, The congnitive problems I have tend to bother me far more than the other things, because they really make me not feel like 'me' anymore.

I got a DS in 2007 and still play the brain training games I have.  Not as much as I used to bu at least a few times a week.  I find that things like Sodoku keep my mind quite sharp but the more traditional 'brain training' ones only tend to confirm that my congnition is not at my normal level.  It still helps as sometimes it creeps up on me and I don't acknowledge that there is a problem there, by keeping up with the games and having a record of my score dropping, I can recognise it and do things to help (like making sure I keep my phone, and post-it pad and pen in various places around the house).




Hey J-Lo!!

I'm so so lucky that I haven't found it actually HAS effected what I can and can't do, nut more than what I can be bothered to do.

I came thirdin the country for my college course, I got an A*, 3xA's, 5xB's and a C for GCSE, won three awards, was head girl at my school etc......but screw all that.  I'd happily simple life it at a Tesco checkout.  As it is I work only Tue and Thu doing admin for my hubby fromn home - no uniform - no boss.  Its bliss. (Ho hum - although I do have 6 and 4 yr old children to cope with!!)

Simple life for me!

Nic xx