Brain Scan Results Worried about whats to come?

Hi All,

Ive posted a couple of times as im in limboland currently and I just had to ask if anyone could give me some advice or shed light on this. I saw my brain scan at the last Neuro consultant appointment last Monday ( have had a few MRIs over the last 19yrs), anyway I noticed the large white patch on the scan which he was referring to had significantly increased in size since my last scan which was about 7 odd years ago. It previously was the size of a 50pence piece, its more like three times that size now? Anyway what I want to ask is the size of the damgaged area significant to physical symptoms experienced? As I think im coping reasonably well at the moment, not that Im sure its that well at all... But another thing the consultatnt said was "Do you live in a house with stairs", I mean what is he trying to say, that I wont be walking soon?... He is sending me for another MRI of the brain, spine, cervical and lumber puncture, before diagnosis but says hes a MS specilaist Neuro and he thinks its very definate that I will be diagnosed with MS. This is really playing on my mind and I cant get his words out of my head now... its really scared me and I just would appreciate your honest opinions on this please as I know you guys have a wealth of knowledge and experience on here.


Chelle x

Hi Chelle, I'm sorry to hear you are so scared right now and the comment about stairs was a bit daft of the neuro. Of course it worried you!

Size of lesions in the brain do not correspond to the level of disability someone might have. Some people with hardly any damage showing (or actually some people with clear MRI results) can have significant disability, and others who have a lot of white or bright areas have no disability.

It's more a case of where the lesions are... but even then there can be no hard and fast rules as the brain is an intensely complex organ and really neurologists are still 'in the dark' about much of it. This is why the research is taking so long and why they don't even know what causes MS. In fact I read somewhere that we know more about the solar system than we do the brain.

Remember, MS is different for everybody. No two people have the same symptoms and the way MS progresses is different for everybody. Also remember that if your MS does lead to problems with mobility (and I'm only saying 'IF') you will cope with it, just like lots of other people on this site have. It is scary to think about but actually as it happens you learn to live with it and to carry on your life. BUT at this stage that's a huge leap.

For now, take it 'one day at a time'. Try and forget the 'stairs' comment. I can't really think what he meant? I think perhaps he was trying to see if you are currently experiencing problems with climbing stairs... anyway, it was a daft comment so try and let it go.

Take care,

Pat x

Hi, Pat has said exactly what I would`ve said.

Neuros words can get stuck in our heads, I know.


The first neuro I saw, back in 1999 said `I don`t know what`s wrong with you, but it won`t get better!` Where`s the chuffin` logic in that?

All these years later, they are still saying the same thing!

luv Pollx

Thanks guys!! youve really put my mind at rest and I do feel reassured to hear that my Neuro isnt the only one that obviously lacks that bedside table manner!! Its good to hear that the size of lesions do not neccesarily correspond with disabilty. I know limbo land is hard and until all the tests are complete I will not know for definate that I even have MS? And even if I do theres no certainty how it will progress in the future... Well I just hope theres no certainty anyway, I need hope i order to face and fight this thing.

Chelle x