Bowel and bladder issues

Hi, i want to share my main symtoms to see if anyone can relate or help. 31 year old man, diagnosed at 18, I am relatively fit but my main symtoms that have been haunting me are bladder and bowel incontinence and constipation, I’ve had bladder botox and self catheterise, but I still haven’t had a full night sleep in years due to the urgency to urinate, as for the bowels I am always constipated and have a fear of travelling or even doing daily tasks as the fear of needing the toilet has took over me. It’s probably a metal thing as well as physical, everywhere I go I need to plan and make sure there are toilets near by or I don’t be at ease. I’m sure aot of people here can relate, please share any treatment that you think could help. Thanks

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I relate all right, particularly on the bowel front. You are so right about the worries being mental as well as physical. But the if it wasn’t for the very real physical issues, we wouldn’t have the mental ones, would we?! And I defy anyone who has ever has a bowel incident not to have concerns about how to avoid that happening again. Anyone who airily counters with the question ‘how bad can it be?’ had better be ready for a graphic answer!


I can relate as well. They are the things that scare me the most. I have had occasions when one has opened in my sleep (I won’t say which one) and as I live alone now and am fully wheelchair bound, I can’t change my bed if it happens again. It’s scary and I can relate

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