Body Dismorphic Disorder (BDD)

Hi, does anybody else on here suffer from BDD? How long have you had it? Can you pinpoint what triggered it? Looking for people with this condition to engage with. Thanks

i used to moan about the size of my bum (total cliche me) but once i got ms i started to look at myself afresh.

now i moan about my body letting me down in allowing me to get ms.

i’m sure there is help for you somewhere out there.

support group or internet forum maybe.

sorry to have been a chocolate teapot.

carole x

Knew someone with this once, they transitioned from male to female. Probably there are forums out there dealing specifically with this? if this is what you mean?

There undoubtedly are ppl who are trans and also have MS, but maybe try also on other sites?

I think it’s fairly common for women to grow up slightly body dysmorphic. We grow up wishing our bums were smaller, breast bigger (or the other way round), pick holes in our appearance from a young age into adulthood. As we get into our thirties, we realise that actually we were absolutely fine in our youth. But that in itself doesn’t stop us from being hyper critical of ourselves.

It’s only now that my body really doesn’t work and I’m a nearly 100% wheelchair user that I realise how great my body was when I could stand up and walk. And how flipping marvellous the human body is.

I still look at the various bits of me very critically. I can’t help it, it’s the way I’m wired. It’s not BDD, but there is definitely a bit of me that’s somewhere on the spectrum. And I don’t think it’s uncommon.

I hope you can find a way of dealing with it. And / or get other people to discuss it with.


I haven’t had this condition all my life. It appeared one day. I went from being one of the most confident and sociable people out there to not being able to face anybody face to face or ever wanting to go outside of my front door.

BDD started for me around the time when I was under investigation for having MS. The negative effect and stress of trying to get a diagnosis for my MS was I feel was the trigger.

I am not transgender, I do not feel like I am vain and feel that certain parts of my body aren’t what I would like them to be. I was a normal person with a family and a social life.

I was interested to know if anybody else went through similar when they were going through the MS diagnosis process.

aw it’s such a cr*ppy thing to go through.

have you managed to find a support forum yet, if not continue on this one as we are one big family here.

the diagnosis procedure can be difficult and seems endless.

hopefully you can leave it all behind you now,

I have phases when I don’t want to be around other people in a social setting. There are times when I have to make a real effort to go out - usually to somewhere I want to go to! I feel it’s a type of agoraphobia nothing do with BDD.